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Trump who cried "Midgin' in Central America...More caravans. 덧글 0 | 조회 15 | 2018-10-25 18:05:47

U.S. President Donald Trump is emphasizing every day the midterm elections to be held on August 6 (local time). In other words, the economy is showing signs of recovery. And to stop all illegal immigrants somehow. It is also a point where supporters go wild. 

President Trump's announcement on Monday that he is a "nationalist" who is strictly "nationalist." 스포츠토토사이트

Trump's "America's First Class" is sounding like a snowball at a time when a series of caravans leaving their home country and heading north to the U.S. due to crime and poverty. 

Since Trump said he would set up a barrier in Mexico in the early days of his presidency, he has been shouting that he would close the door in a closed manner. It already warned that it could mobilize its forces and block its borders to prevent the caravan from entering the U.S. 

"We will cut off or reduce the large amount of foreign aid we have provided to them," he said, pointing out Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. 

Even claiming that "caravan includes criminals and unidentified Middle Easterners," I warned the border guards and the military that it was a national crisis. We must revise the immigration law."

However, if the U.S. gives up aid to these countries where crime and poverty are serious, it is possible to increase the caravan parade further. Already, there are reports that the caravan parade is approaching 10,000, surpassing 7,000. 

Caravan headed north from Ciudad Hidalgo, a border town between Mexico and Guatemala, on Wednesday, and some illegally crossed the River Suites.
The Washington Post pointed out that U.S. aid to Central American countries is not only a small percentage of overall federal spending but also a significant portion of those countries suffering from severe difficulties. 

According to Reuters, the Trump administration has decided to reduce its support for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador by nearly 40 percent by next year. This is apparently expected to reduce economic opportunities in these countries and increase anxiety over drug organizations and crimes. 

The Washington Post stressed that if there is anything else that could be seriously damaging, about 250,000 Honduras and El Salvadorans currently living in the U.S. could be deprived and deported for being allowed to work temporarily. 

Mexico, where the Caravan parade is waiting to enter the U.S., is expected to present a different approach than Trump. 

According to AFP, Mexico's Foreign Minister-designate Marcelo Ebrard said, "The government is not surprised at what we see recently. This is more like a mid-term election for the United States. 

"The new Mexican government's immigration policy, which will start on December 1, will make fundamental changes and will allow many job visas," he said. "We will visit Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and invest heavily in southern Mexico." 

"We believe that a fair investment will give us the opportunity to work and establish policies for immigration to Mexico based on all of this." 

The Washington Post also claimed that it was time to stop reporting on the caravan. This is because it can be the best "cake" for President Trump. As the report was reported through the media, it is pointed out that it can easily be used to drive caravans into criminals and terrorists, thus gaining public trust in Korea.

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