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Immigration caravan assaults the police?Spreads various fake news on SNS 덧글 0 | 조회 15 | 2018-10-25 18:10:22

Fake news is spreading online, with a large train of immigrants (caravan and caravan) flying from Central America to the U.S., including Hondur, El Salvador, and Guatemala, expected to increase to 10,000. 

The BBC reported on Thursday (local time) that pictures and fake news were collected on SNS. 사설토토

The first is a picture of Mexican police who were assaulted by a caravan. The blood-stained police are supported by their colleagues with riot shields. 

The photo, which was posted on several Facebook pages that supported U.S. President Donald Trump, was quickly shared with allegations that the caravan attacked Mexican police. 

But this is not true. The photo, taken by photographer Gustavo Agudo, was found to contain images of clashes between police and students at a high school in Mexico in October 2012. 

Second, the Democratic Party and billionaire George Soros are financially supporting them. 

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz gave money to refugees on Thursday, and there was evidence that the Honduras government is giving cash to women and children amid the U.S. election. Soros? U.S.-backed NGOs? It's time to look into the source!" he tweeted. 

The number of views in this video exceeds five million. President Trump also shared videos. 

According to the BBC, the video was taken in Guatemala. Guatemala journalist Louis Asarddo said that Guatemala residents trade in local currency, food and clothing for about 25 dollars. 

Regardless of whether it's true or not, rumors of Soros' support for caravans are spreading day by day, and the company's compensation is being hated. Police launched an investigation on Tuesday after a bomb was delivered to a New York home in Soros. 

Claims that the caravan is a mixture of Middle Easterners also proved false.

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