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Shiri Ito, the symbol of Japan's Mito, does not cry 덧글 0 | 조회 17 | 2018-10-25 18:17:57

I won't forget it until I die. You'll keep crying. Die simply be forgotten. " victims of the Japanese, ‘Japanese military sexual slavery’ gimbokttong, she said.

"What you did then was best." Jung Jung-hee, the head of the "Opening Place," a victim protection facility for the Korea Sexual Violence Prevention Agency, said.
Shiri Ito, 29, cried after catching words of sympathy and encouragement that were heard for the first time since the sexual assault, which was delivered by Korea. It was tears of warmth that was not alone.

Ito appeared at a press conference on May 29 last year for the first time as a victim of sexual assault in Japan. When he opened his eyes to pain, he found himself raped on April 3, 2015. Ito, 26, who dreamed of becoming a journalist and worked as an intern, was sexually assaulted by Tomiyuki Yamaguchi, the Washington bureau director of Tokyo Broadcasting, who met with him when he said he would look for a position as a producer. At the police station, which was visited five days after fear and anxiety, the male investigator said, "It is difficult to investigate the case because it is self-reliant." The prosecutor in charge said it happened in a secret room such as a black box, and dismissed the case in July 2016 for lack of evidence. After the prosecution was cleared of the charges, Ito held a press conference in May last year saying, "If the current judicial system cannot judge the case, we should disclose the case so that we can discuss the case widely in society."(Released in May)

I met Ito, who visited Korea to attend seminars, at the Hankyoreh newspaper office on the afternoon of June 9. He had just met with a South Korean man named Mittu before the interview.

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