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Myanmar, arresting a journalist who criticizes her...IPI Criticism of "nearly dictatorship 덧글 0 | 조회 21 | 2018-10-25 19:34:38

Myanmar's judicial authorities, which sentenced reporters caught in a police trap while covering the massacre of the Rhodes, arrested journalists for criticizing their close aides to the disgruntled Aung San Suu Kyi.

According to local media on Wednesday, Yangon District Court arrested Cho Lin, the lead author of Myanmar's Eleven Media Group, and Y-Win, senior journalists, on charges of violating Article 505b of the Criminal Law.

They believe that publishing and rumors can threaten the stability of the government or the public.

They were arrested because of an article criticizing Yangon City, where Pyo Min-Tain, the closest aide to the number of those who lost power, is the governor.
In an article published in the weekly magazine on Monday, Yangon said, "The government borrowed money from private banks without parliamentary approval, and even public corporations that participated in the purchase of the school bus used to make various irregularities."

The use of public funds without parliamentary approval was pointed out in the recent budget audit report for the fiscal year 2016-2017.

Nevertheless, the governor of the office of Pyo Min-Tain, known as the closest aide to Suu Kyi, accused journalists of the article and accepted it by the court. 

Currently, those imprisoned in the In-In-In-In-In-Ten prison can face up to two years in prison if the court admits they are guilty.

As Myanmar's judicial authorities arrested reporters for a seven-year prison sentence on Reuters, who was caught in a police trap while covering the massacre of the Rhodes, there were growing voices criticizing Myanmar.
Ravi R. Prasad of the International Association of Journalists (IPI) criticized the AFP, "The arrest of journalists is an insult to freedom of speech and the government of Myanmar is close to dictatorship."

"The media industry in the U.S. is under threat," said Khalawing, founder of Myanmar's Committee for Journalism Protection (CPJ). "Since we don't know when our turn will come, we have bags at home so we can avoid them anytime."

With the launch of the civilian government in 2016, there were high expectations that press suppression, the result of military dictatorship, would disappear.

However, even after the launch of the civilian government, journalists who criticize the military or the government have been detained or killed.

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