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Joke, laugh...Saudi prince, trying to dispel suspicion 덧글 0 | 조회 25 | 2018-10-25 20:00:44

Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who mentioned it in public on Friday (local time), seemed relaxed at all times.

As a future investment, he appeared as a panel debater in a panel discussion titled, "How can a visionary leader turn Arab into an economic powerhouse?"

At 5:30 p.m., he showed up at the reception hall of the Riyad Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the venue for the event.

Most of the audience were busy getting up and putting him on a smartphone. The face of a young Enlightenment monarch who is leading the reform of Saudi Arabia might have been projected to show a journalist who criticized the royal family brutally.

"While many celebrities were speaking and discussing the event, people could not take their eyes off smartphones to get a quick update on the Kashmiri incident," Bloomberg said.

Standing 183 centimeters tall, he smiled on his face and sat at the front with a dignified step.

Next to him was Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai monarch of the United Arab Emirates.

On the stage, he sat on the far right chair with a smile and chatted for about 10 minutes with shake Muhammad.

The live screen shows the atmosphere of the funeral for a while as the host mentioned Kashkudge, the most embarrassing name for him, as the first question.

It was a moment when the world's attention was focused on his words as it threatened the political life of Prince Muhammad. 

After a brief period of tense silence, Crown Prince Muhammad said, "The killing of Kashkudge is ugly and vicious and sad for all Saudi and all mankind."

Even though all the circumstances revealed were behind him, he denied them all as if he were a critic.

He emphasized that he would make sure to bring criminals to justice by setting them on the legal bench, showing off that he is not a powerful force behind the case, but a power to investigate and punish the truth.

He looked serious and serious when he mentioned Kashmiri's murder, but he did not lose his smile during a 40-minute debate.스포츠토토사이트

He also joked about issues that might be sensitive to Prime Minister Sadie Hariri.

"I hope that there are no rumors that Harri will be kidnapped in Saudi Arabia for the next two days," said Crown Prince Muhammad, referring to Prime Minister Hariri.

"I'm here now," Prime Minister Hariri raised his hand to answer "the joke of Prince Muhammad," and the audience burst into laughter.

During a visit to Saudi Arabia in November last year, Prime Minister Hariri abruptly announced his resignation due to Iran's intervention in state affairs and the threat of Hezbollah's assassination.

Rumors have it that Crown Prince Muhammad kidnapped and imprisoned him, who was not firm enough to control Iran's influence over Lebanon, and called for his resignation.

In other words, he raised a message that the media and the international community raised suspicions about him over the Kashmiri incident, citing the rumor that he was suspected of kidnapping Hariri. 

"I can't end my life until I see the Middle East become a global leader and a new Europe," he said.

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