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Underwater negotiation or open conflict? Turkey and Saudi Arabia 덧글 0 | 조회 22 | 2018-10-25 21:23:39

It is highly likely that the Saudi royal family and the Turkish government will act in this way to find out the murder of Jamal Kashkidge, a Saudi dissident journalist. Both sides say they focus on finding the truth, but it may not be so.사설토토
Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who is suspected of being behind the killing of Shukji, strongly denied allegations of involvement on Wednesday (local time). "(The case of Kashmiri murder) cannot be justified." His remarks came as he answered questions from Jordan, a former finance minister who presided over the meeting.
Asked about the killing of Kashkrit, which is not related to the subject of the panel meeting, Prince Bin Salman said, "Sandy is undergoing all legal proceedings to find out the truth and cooperates closely with the Turkish authorities to judge." "Many people try to use the incident to make a difference between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but there is no discord between the two countries as far as we are," he added. It is the first time that he has publicly mentioned the murder of Kashmiri. Previously, U.S. President Donald Trump has denied the behind-the-scenes rumors in the form of a public disclosure of the phone call.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been pressing Saudi Arabia since the killing of Kashkjee, reiterated that he will prevent attempts to cover up the murder. During an event held in Ankara on the day, President Erdogan said, "The leaders of the murder case will never be free from justice." For the first time since the incident, Prime Minister Erdogan spoke on the phone with Saudi Prince Bin Salman on the phone and discussed the incident, the Turkish presidential office said. Turkish media reported that the Turkish intelligence authority shared evidence with former CIA Director Jina Hasfel, who is visiting the country.

The two countries are expected to work together to find out the truth about the phone calls made by the two countries following the Saudi prince's denial of involvement. Sometimes there is room for an open clash, but if it is confirmed that Crown Prince Bin Salman is involved, under-the-table negotiations may proceed. If this happens, the U.S. role and mediation will also be an important part.

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