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Biden, U.S. President of North Korea, Korea from 29th to 30th...Attention to the possibility of work 덧글 0 | 조회 22 | 2018-10-26 13:05:31

U.S. Special Representative for North Korean Policy Stephen Biden will visit South Korea on July 29 to discuss denuclearization with the South Korean government.
The State Department said in a press release on Tuesday (local time) that Special Representative Vigan will meet with South Korean government counters to discuss diplomatic efforts to resolve the North's final and fully verified denuclearization (FFVD).

South Korea`s counterpart of Special Representative Biden, who is in charge of the implementation of the North-U.S. denuclearization talks, is Lee Do-hoon, chief of the Foreign Ministry`s Office for Peace.

The visit comes six days after the head of the special envoy Bigan visited Washington on October 21-23 and met with him to discuss the denuclearization strategy of North Korea before returning home.

Therefore, attention is focusing on whether there is a change in the situation in the North-U.S. negotiations so that Special Representative Biden must visit Seoul to discuss it with Seoul urgently.

Attention is focusing on whether this visit will lead to a working-level negotiation between North Korea and the United States with North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choi Ki-hee. 

As the meeting in Vienna, which the U.S. demanded, was virtually cancelled due to North Korea's silence, Panmunjeom could be an alternative. North Korea held several working-level talks at Panmunjeom ahead of the June 12 Singapore-North American summit.

"We have decided to have frequent discussions with special envoys before returning to Korea," Lee said at a meeting on June 23, saying, "We will mainly discuss the second North American summit, follow-up negotiations between North Korea and Russia, and how to draw support."

Special Representative Biden is expected to coordinate South Korea-U.S. policy toward North Korea ahead of follow-up negotiations with North Korea.

We expect Lee`s visit to Seoul this week to strengthen strategic cooperation between the two countries ahead of high-level talks in North America, diplomatic sources said.

It is Vigan's fourth visit to South Korea since he was appointed in late August.

For the first time since taking office in September, he visited Korea on October 10-12, and returned to Seoul three days after his China-Japan tour.

As Mike go five during Secretary of State's fourth visit to Pompeii last month, shortly after 7 to 8, Pompeii, five ministers visited Korea with Moon Jae-in, Kang Kyung-hwa, preventing the president.Foreign minister met with Chairman Kim Jong Un, North Korea the meeting to discuss results and future nuclear disarmament policy.

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