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Just one day after the unconstitutional meeting of the Pyongyang Declaration...a probationary spiral 덧글 0 | 조회 23 | 2018-10-26 14:28:42

Cheong Wa Dae and the opposition parties continue to confront each other over whether the president ratified the agreement without the National Assembly's consent. Cheong Wa Dae yesterday refuted the opposition's claim with this logic, saying, "North Korea is not a nation under our constitution." Today, Cheong Wa Dae took a step back.

The reporter, Jung Yoo-mi, cleaned up the situation today.


North Korea cannot be seen as a country under our constitution, and the agreement between the two Koreas cannot be seen as a treaty between countries.

Cheong Wa Dae slipped away from this logic yesterday.

Kim Eui-gyum, a spokesman, argued that the ratification was unconstitutional, saying, "We wanted to judge from the constitutional perspective.토토추천

He also called for productive discussion by the National Assembly, saying, "We cannot rebuild inter-Korean relations through such legal dispute."

There's a strong mood to pick up the legal battle yesterday.

It appears that the issue could affect the inter-Korean exchange.

[, Yonsei University and a hail to pursue mutual interests and pursue professional researcher at Korea Institute for National Unification : The North Korean regime, you may constitutes an obstacle to its policy toward North Korea the government's Moon Jae-in is.]

In fact, some Cheong Wa Dae are criticizing the opposition's attack for putting pressure on inter-Korean relations while trying to respond hastily to the law only.

Korea today is Moon Jae-in president at his autobiography.

[Kim Sung-tae/Freedom Korea Party floor leader] In his autobiography, "Fate to Die," the agreement between the two Koreas is legally the nature of the treaty between the countries. .]

The government also plans to push for the removal of the Unification Minister, which will continue its campaign for ratification for the time being.

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