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Lee Hae-chan, CEO of the Korea Credit Card Commission, pushed ahead with the reduction of card fees. 덧글 20 | 조회 15 | 2018-11-28 03:14:48

There is a strong backlash from lowering credit card fees. While small and medium self-employed businesses receiving benefits issued welcome messages, labor unions at credit card companies are protesting that they should sit down on the street. The political circle also has mixed views from the ruling party that the measures are necessary, and the opposition party's view that government interventionism will only aggravate the problem. 

Although it was such a controversial policy tool that the aftermath was foreseen, the decision-making process was like a lightning bolt. Moon Jae-in is a lower card fees for president publicly in the last 22 “to come up with the small business owners from the fee exemption measures.”, financial authorities ordered in just four days ago.Settled. 

The first round of discussions began on March 22. It started discussing about reorganization of fees based on task force of pan-government. Five days earlier, the Minjoo Party of Korea launched a "civilized economy meeting," which set improving card fees as its primary task. It is said that the Democratic Party's CEO Lee Hae-chan, who led the process, reviewed the reduction in fees for about a month. "In the process of the negotiations, the sub-minister financial committee was passive, citing the management difficulties of credit card companies, and Lee pushed ahead with the plan," said a Democratic lawmaker of the National Assembly`s political affairs committee who wanted anonymity. 

It is unusual for a party leader to intervene in a specific policy. Regardless of the ruling and opposition parties, it is customary for the floor leader and the policy committee chairman to take responsibility for the legislation and budget. However, Lee himself made the decision because there were so many requests from both inside and outside the party. 

The party is expected to raise its minimum wage by 10.9 percent next year with the approval rate high at the center of the so-called "Lee Young-ja (20s, Yeongnam, and self-employed)." Due to this sense of crisis, Lee himself said, "I will take care of the card." They also calculated that the additional cost burden of self-employed people, which is caused by next year's minimum wage increase, could be offset by a reduction in card fees. 다파벳

Unfortunately, credit card is the agenda of economic policy is Kim Dae-jung, who first appeared (dj) when the government. When domestic demand was sluggish in the wake of the IMF crisis, Kim announced measures to activate credit cards in July 1999, the year after his inauguration. The main reason was to loosen the limit of credit card cash services, which has been tied at 700,000 won per person. The credit card industry focused its operations on cash services that can capture 25% of interest per year. 

The benefit of credit card income tax credit was also introduced. Even college students with no income on the streets were encouraged to issue cards. As a result, dj government delinquencies began to soar since the end of 2002, the last minute. 3.8 percent at the end of 2001, the delinquency rate to 9.2 percent in November 2002, 2003, immediately before the Roh Moo-hyun's administration, and spring at the rose to 11.2 percent in January. At that time, the term "credit card" also appeared. According to this agreement, Iran ‘credit card crisis’ just after the inauguration of the Roh Moo-hyun government has baggage. The government supported emergency funds and underwent industry restructuring, and was quiet after a string of audit by the Board of Audit and Inspection. 

Credit cards have been re-emerged as the foreground of economic policy for the first time in 19 years. "The reasonable reduction in marketing costs due to the excessive competition for external expansion will increase the soundness of the card industry," said Kim Tae-nyun, chairman of the Millennium Democratic Party's policy committee. The "marketing costs" mentioned above are representative of interest-free installment fees and credit card issuers' points. If reduction of fees becomes reality next year, it is predicted that reduction of credit card benefits will raise complaints among office workers and housewives.

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