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A lame duck frame that breaks out the opposition camp after one and a half years in power 덧글 20 | 조회 19 | 2018-11-28 06:44:44

Moon Jae-in who the opposition is currently in power for 6 months a year after strongly point out that the government's ‘a lame duck (the end of the lame duck syndrome)’. It was only after Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon attended a labor union meeting and Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung announced the police investigation. 

It was the right future party that first raised the lame duck. "The president and the ruling and opposition parties agreed on the flexibility work system, but how can the Seoul mayor go to a rally against it," Sohn Hak-kyu, chairman of the general assembly committee, said on Tuesday. On the same day, floor leader Kim Kwan-young also said in a radio interview, "Lame duck is already beginning. President Moon's approval rating is more than 50 percent, but he can fall into a bubble at the same time. 

As Governor Lee Jae-myung raised suspicion that Mr. Moon's son, Jun-yong, would be given preferential employment, the lame duck argument spread further. "The problem with my son is that I cannot dare to raise him," said Ha Tae-kyung, a member of the Supreme Council of the Bareun Future Party. Park Jie-won, a member of the Democratic Peace Party, also said on Sunday that "this phenomenon (lame duck) has begun when we see what is happening within the Democratic Party." Free Korea “Park Geun-hye, factional fighting over the administration regime may tend to like a sign that”, former Hong Joon-pyo said. 

Experts say it is difficult to expand the current situation into a lame duck. 

First of all, it is pointed out that no  먹튀 president has been lame in two years since the revision of the direct election system in 1987. In addition, Moon Jae-in government approval rating compared to past governments have the same time high. According to the Realmeter Poll released on Tuesday, President Moon's approval rating was 52 percent. Six months have passed a year of his term at a time when Kim Dae-jung (46 %), Park Geun-hye and Kim Young-sam (44 %) (44 %), Lee Myung-bak, Roh Moo-hyun, (36 %) (36 %) administration's past president of the government are less than or equal to 50 percent approval rating. 

There is no essential factor yet to cause lame ducking. ▶ In the previous Government, the second half of his term relatives ' (Roh Tae-woo, Roh Moo-hyun, Park Geun-hye) defeat, ▶ (Former Presidents Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung) the president is former aides of becoming a lame duck accelerated. On the other hand, Moon Jae-in, the government has not been established, and former aides and relatives won a landslide victory in last June 13 local elections. Kim Hyung-jun Myongji College professor (politics) said Lee Myung-bak of mad cow disease in which rallies, Park Geun-hye rebound rather if his approval rating has fallen in the early part of his term as the sinking of Sewol ferry accident even happen.. "" The regime, not the second half of a lame duck and so forth, I didn't run for president, and the composition will be created somewhat of a forced interpretation" he said. 

Nevertheless, why are the opposition parties shouting "Lame duck" all together? In the political circle, the view that it is a "frame war" of the opposition parties, aiming for anti-Soviet interests, is overwhelming. They argue that the continued power struggle within the ruling camp, including lame duck, could encourage the withdrawal of supporters. "We operated the lame duck frame to emphasize that President Moon's high-flying approval rating is rapidly decreasing," a source from the opposition camp explained. 

Choi Chang-ryul, a professor at Yongin University, said, "Although we know that it is difficult to see as a lame duck, we can emphasize the power struggle of the ruling party, which also adds to the opposition party's anti-benefiting efforts."

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