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Don't jump over the warning. No response.Donghaedo courtyard of China. 덧글 20 | 조회 18 | 2018-11-28 07:02:38

"Your (China) military aircraft are entering the air defense identification zone (KADIZ) without prior notice." 
"What's the purpose?" 
"Get out of the air defense identification area quickly." 

The Y-9JB, an electronic warfare and electronic reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Chinese Air Force, made a miscommunication through a hotline between Korea and China as it entered the KADIZ. The hotline connects Korea's Central Air Control Agency (MRC) with China's northern light bulb air defense center to prevent accidental clashes. China's northern light bulb covers all parts of Beijing, including the three northeastern provinces and the Shandong Peninsula. Electricity from the northern lights is supplied to the Korean Peninsula in case of emergency. Y-9JB is a military weapon that destroys enemy electronic equipment while collecting electronic and electronic information. 

The Y-9JB flew over the KADIZ and Japan's JADIZ several times before the Korean Air Force warned them to leave, but the Chinese Air Force did not respond. Previously, China responded by illegally entering the KADIZ. "This is the first time China has not responded to a hotline regarding the unauthorized entry of the KADIZ," a South Korean military official said. 

According to the Air Force, China's unauthorized entry into the KADIZ is as many as 110 times this year. This is tantamount to an official announcement that it does not recognize the KADIZ. If the KADIZ was flown for a long time as on the 26th, it is all about crossing the KADIZ for a while. The figure is 11 times higher than last year.
Of course, the air defense identification zone is not an airspace. Nevertheless, it is customary for aircraft from other countries to inform their countries in advance. China ignored such international practices and refused to respond on July 26. 

China is pressuring us not to cross 토토갤러리 its own line. He considers the West Sea a private courtyard for China. When then Navy Chief of Staff Choi Yoon-hee visited China in July 2013, China demanded that the South Korean navy not to cross the border of the Yellow Sea. The 124th meridian east is near Baengnyeong Island. 

When the U.S. Navy attempted to send its nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington to the West Sea to demonstrate force against North Korea after the sinking of the South Korean naval vessel in 2010, the Chinese navy warned that the target would be the Yellow Sea. After all, George washing, turns to the opposition of China is headed for donghae. The West Sea is equivalent to claiming that it is China's territorial waters and that the West Sea's skies are equivalent to airspace.
But this year, it even beyond kadiz donghae coming to China not hiding its intention to expand in the Korean Peninsula in the West Sea later donghae yeongyeokkwon. Former Air Force chief of staff, said gimhyeongcheol donghae is tactical, entering the U.S. & China is a Government News, intended to check for the three countries ' preparedness to collect information and of the work.On the West Sea strategy, an inland sea of China (內海) as to the Korean peninsula and on in order to receive similar my sphere of influence in a courtyard until donghae, " explained. 
China is to put in the East Sea sea and air their impact and invest more in the Navy and Air Force. "China is raising its navy to compete for hegemony with the U.S., but we are also investing huge budgets in the air force," said Yoon Seok-joon, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Military Affairs. The Chinese Air Force has been deploying its own stealth fighter jet, J-20 and Y-20, long-range carrier, since early this year. It is also developing a stealth strategic bomber that can launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland. 

“change into clothes that will increase the size of China, expanding range of activities by enlarging the Air Force capabilities.” and is a researcher at Korea Institute for National Security Strategy bakppyeonggwang“in the Pacific Ocean to advance into the sphere of influence the way of the Korean Peninsula and donghae, while rivals to Japan in check.” he pointed out.

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