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Professor Kwon also emphasized that the human rights of all people are important and argued that "this should not happen even if you are not Kim Ho-jung. It is a threat of insults and insults. No one has the right to be threatened."


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Finally, he said, "The rumors are something to be decided in court, and I shouldn't judge it." He announced that he would be accused sooner or later.


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Earlier on the 23rd, Professor Kwon Young-chan announced that he reported to 112 a relative of Mr. K who posted a threatening post on Kim Ho-jung's anti-cafe through his YouTube. Mr. K is the former manager of Hojoong Kim, and has been engaged in a revelation battle by revealing KakaoTalk messages exchanged with Kim Hojoong.


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Meanwhile, Professor Kwon Young-chan received a master's degree from Yonsei University's Graduate School of Counseling Coaching and completed an internship at Yonsei University's Counseling Coaching Center. Currently, he is in charge of the counseling center of the Korean Celebrity Suicide Prevention Association, and provides counseling and consulting for free for economically difficult celebrities and celebrities due to stress.

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